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CBG boasts decades of experience in off-site construction methods and products that ensure precision, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

CBG takes a turn-key, Integrated Project Delivery approach to modular, prefabricated, and panelized construction—we coordinate among Owners, Design Teams, and Subcontractors to assess time- and cost-saving methodologies with superior quality control. Beginning in preconstruction, we work with all parties to consider client desires, site logistics, and market conditions as we advise on scope and typologies that will yield maximum value. Once determined, we leverage our relationships with key subcontractors across the industry to explore off-site component prefabrication according to project-specific requirements and benefits. Our expertise encompasses:

– Proprietary and non-proprietary structural systems
– Load-bearing and MEP components
– Prefabricated floor assemblies
– Skin elements and modular windows
– Interior and exterior wall assemblies
– Finishes


  • Enhanced BIM coordination reduces field conflicts.

  • Assembly-line fabrication increases productivity while reducing waste.

  • Climate-controlled facilities enhance construction quality.

  • Standardized components ensure predictable outcomes.

  • Energy-efficient materials and systems reduce waste and energy consumption.

  • Off-site assembly requires less material staging and storage space.

  • Controlled off-site manufacturing leads to safer and more efficient on-site construction.

  • Reduced dependence on weather results in more reliable timelines.

  • Customizable parts meet diverse architectural needs and can coordinate with other building systems.