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CBG’s design/build services help both public and private entities gain an advantage in competitive markets.

CBG’s depth of knowledge and expertise is unrivaled in our industry. We provide unique insight into design, market trends, and the entire development and management process. Our design/build guidance for developers and design teams evaluates specifications and project plans and identifies areas for enhancement.

CBG’s Fort Belvoir WIT Barracks located at 5940 9th Street, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060.

Fort Belvoir Warriors in Transition Barracks


  • Constructability reviews, detailed budgeting, and product analysis for site-specific design solutions

  • Complete plans free from errors and gaps

  • Budgets reflecting the full cost of construction and development

  • Anticipation of challenges to avoid delays

  • Achievement of a low total cost by preventing rework and unnecessary changes

  • Increased value, quality, and marketability through selection of current materials and technologies