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CBG Training Program Donates New Office to Loudoun County Fair

Interns, New Hires, and Subcontractors Supply Labor and Materials at No Cost to Nonprofit
July 20, 2018

LEESBURG, Va.—CBG Building Company employees finished construction today of a County fair office for 501(c)3 Loudoun Fair & Associates (LFA) as part of a hands-on training program. Under the guidance of corporate leadership, CBG interns and new hires completed all aspects of the seven-week-long project.

CBG Training Program Donates New Office to Loudoun County Fair Press Release Image

CBG Training Program Donates New Office to Loudoun County Fair

"Amazing things happen when businesses choose to give back to their communities. We are extremely grateful for CBG's donated services to design and construct a new building to house the Loudoun County fair office," said Kevin Murray, president of the LFA Board of Directors. "CBG is a first-class organization."

CBG began work on the new office in June, with managers coordinating employees' day-specific training topics-including framing, electrical, and waterproofing-with subcontractors, who donated building materials. In addition to the program's community-serving contribution, it facilitates CBG's understanding of construction fundamentals, enhancing Quality Control checks while improving communication with subcontractors and suppliers.

"The goal of the program is to provide a hands-on learning experience, industry best practices as well as safety, job site logistics, and procurement all while giving back to the local community," said Justin Wisch LFA board member, CBG construction executive, and former Loudoun 4-H alumnus. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to put this program to work at the Loudon County Fairgrounds."

The new office building serves as the Fair headquarters, centralizes Fair planning, and remains a rentable space to provide income for Loudoun Fair & Associates. CBG completed the new office on July 20, in time for the celebrated Loudoun County Fair July 23-28.

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About Loudoun Fair & Associates

Loudoun Fair & Associates is a nonprofit organization that works to maintain the fairgrounds so that agriculture clubs, primarily Loudoun 4-H club, have a permanent place for their annual livestock show and auction. LFA provides a year-round location for the clubs to hold meetings and host club events. The annual Loudoun County Fair began in 1936 and is currently the only fundraiser to maintain the grounds. The fair draws approximately 25,000 guests each summer and is hosted by a staff of 100% volunteers. All proceeds from the fair go directly to LFA and maintaining the fair grounds. For more information, visit www.loudouncountyfair.com.